Thursday, June 16, 2016

I'm Back - With an English Translation of Toldot Yeshu!

I've been absent from this blog for some time, but I'm coming back. I have translated most of Toldot Yeshu, a book I've mentioned in a previous post, and I'll be posting my translation of it here, probably incrementally for easier reading, and I may make a PDF file of the whole thing as well.

I could charge money for my translation, but I'd rather do it for the mitzva of getting people aware of the TRUE story of Yeshu! Remember, despite what anti-Semitic scholars might say or what threatened rabbis in Christian Europe might have said in the past, Toldot Yeshu is signed by R' Yohhanan ben Zakai, it is his midrash, and it is entirely true from beginning to end.

It is not only a holy book, it is a very important book, because it tells the real story of Yeshu, may his name and memory be erased entirely. There are so many amazing things found in this book, I can't explain it all or express my enthusiasm at this time - you'll have to read it all for yourself!

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