Friday, February 19, 2016

"The Talmud isn't the Bible"

There is an argument I've heard many a time, and that argument is that "the Talmud isn't canonized in the Bible, it's not the word of God". This idea comes from a complete lack of understanding the Torah.

It also comes from the erroneous "sola scriptura" doctrine of mainly the Protestants. But don't they think the "Old Testament" isn't binding except for paying your tithes to the preacher? Oh, the irony. Well, I'm not going to focus on them. Instead, as the blog title implies, I'll focus on what many Messianics believe.

Many Messianics succumb to Karaite-like thinking, which rejects the Talmud, which is the codification of the oral Torah. You know, the Karaites, who were okay with Jews being killed by the Nazis, and appealed to the Nazis to not be considered Jewish? Heard of them? Yeah, what bigger sell outs, what bigger disgraces of human beings could there be? But let's not "judge", right?

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Where Most Anti-Missionaries Go Wrong 2

In the second post on this topic, I'll be discussing another concept that I haven't heard by many anti-missionaries. I'll explain why they sweep it under the rug and why they shouldn't. 

Monday, February 8, 2016

My Conversation with Carlos

I had an extended email conversation with someone named Carlos who sent a few emails, citing verses that supposedly prove his belief in the most popular heretical mamzer of history, Yeshu.

I took it up to argue with him, and that is what I certainly did. This is a long discussion, but it's golden.