Sunday, January 24, 2016

Where Most Anti-Missionaries Go Wrong 1

I have a little bit of an edge over some anti-missionaries, at least in one way, since I know the inside mindset of Christians and Messianics. As I've stated before on this blog, many anti-missionaries focus on 'Jews for Jesus' and other normative Christian groups. What they don't realize is that many former Protestants, who you could easily argue are still Protestants, but call themselves Messianics or Hebrew Roots Christians, are not really mainly focused on converting Jews. They're mainly focused on discovering the supposed Jewishness of the most popular mamzer perhaps in all of history: Yeshu.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Isaiah 7 & 8 - The `Alma

I have had multiple conversations with Christians/Messianics about Isaiah 7 recently.

Many quote a single verse from Isaiah 7 which is mistranslated, supposedly saying a 'virgin' will give birth to a child and his name will be `Immanu'el