Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Isaiah 7 & 8 - The `Alma

I have had multiple conversations with Christians/Messianics about Isaiah 7 recently.

Many quote a single verse from Isaiah 7 which is mistranslated, supposedly saying a 'virgin' will give birth to a child and his name will be `Immanu'el

(the ` signifies the letter `ayin while ' signifies the letter alef, which have different and distinct sounds), meaning 'God is with us'. They suppose this refers to their false messiah, whom they believe was born of a virgin, which is an entirely pagan and foreign concept to Torah.

First of all, the world `alma (עלמה) simply does not mean virgin. It means a young woman, who may either be a virgin or may be married and not a virgin. The Hebrew word for virgin is bethula (בתולה), not `alma. Hebrew does not have unnecessary and redundant words. If two words in Hebrew have a very similar meaning, there is always some difference in meaning that results in them being different words, comprised of different letters.

However, this is unnecessary to delve into or to even understand at all, because the answer of what this verse in Isaiah 7 is referring to is answered in the very explicit text of Isaiah.

This is what I wrote to someone recently, in my discussion with him about Isaiah 7. I simply relay what is plainly stated in each of these verses:

Isaiah 7:5-6 - Ephraim and Aram conspire to invade Judah.

Isaiah 7:7 - HaShem says it won't happen.

Isaiah 7:10-11 - Isaiah tells the king of Judah, Ahaz, to ask HaShem for a sign that Ephraim and Aram won't succeed against Judah.

Isaiah 7:12 - Ahaz won't ask a sign from God because he doesn't want to test Him.

Isaiah 7:14 - Isaiah tells Ahaz that God will perform a sign, anyway.

Isaiah 7:15 - The sign for Judah in those days was to be a son to be born to the `alma (young woman, NOT virgin), and Isaiah will call this son of his `Immanu'el, meaning God is with us, that is, God is on Judah's side.


Isaiah 8:3 - Isaiah impregnates his wife, the `alma/young woman of chapter 7, this second child is to be named Maher-shallal-hash-baz (literally: 'fast plunder, quick spoil', since God would save Judah from Ephraim via a 'fast plunder' and Aram via a 'quick spoil').

"Armed Assyrian soldiers attacking [the Judean city of] Lakish", after having destroyed both Aram and Ephraim, but failing in their invasion of Judah because God was with them.

Isaiah 8:4 - Like with `Immanu'el in chapter 7, it also says this child won't get very old before God saves Judah from invasion. Rashi actually says they're both the same child, simply with two names.

Isaiah 8:18 - Isaiah says: "Behold, I and the children (`Immanu'el and Maher-shallal-hash-baz) whom the Lord gave me for signs and for tokens in Israel, from the Lord of Hosts, Who dwells on Mount Zion."

There, Isaiah says himself that `Immanu'el was his literal flesh-and-blood son, born to his wife who is the obvious "`alma" of chapter 7, as it says plainly and clearly in the text.

What baffles me is how anyone could misconstrue these prophecies and events to mean that it is referring to their false messiah. It is a pathetic attempt at finding the pagan tradition of man-gods being born of virgin mothers in the Tanakh. It is also a result of not even being able to read anything in context, or in it's true understanding, but instead taking verses completely out of context to try to prove something that the text of the Tanakh simply does not say.

This is one point that any Christian/Messianic with a brain would have to agree. However, they always find ways to try to get around looking at the clear-as-day meaning of these verses.

One Christian person I explained this to said she had to understand Hebrew first, to evaluate whether or not the Tanakh is really saying what it does. That's absurd because there is no way a bad translation could even not say that `Immanu'el was Isaiah's literal child. There is no way a bad translation would botch the clear meaning of these two chapters in Isaiah. You cannot get out of the obvious context and meaning of all these verses. It is very clear what is stated in these chapters of Isaiah.

Secondly, I told this woman that I understand Hebrew. I speak Hebrew, I write in Hebrew, and I study many aspects of Torah every day in - yes, you guessed right - Hebrew. Yet, in her sad attempt to deny the plain meaning and context of Isaiah 7 & 8, she refused to listen to me. That is outright ignorance and stupidity.

Another person I explained Isaiah 7 & 8 to, by simply quoting surrounding verses to the `alma verse, asked me: "If you know how to interpret prophecy through the Torah, then I ask you, whats the prophecy for today on behalf of the king of the universe?" (Notice, he wouldn't admit being wrong about his ignorant understanding of Isaiah 7 & 8)

To which I replied: "First of all, will you admit you were wrong about Isaiah 7, now that I showed you verse by verse what it actually says there?

The prophecies and events in Isaiah 7 & 8 were for that time, obviously. The Rabbis canonized it as Scripture because it is appropriate for all generations to realize that when Israel does HaShem's will, the Torah, then God will protect them. This applies obviously for today, as well. And today, we have Russia, Iran, and other enemies to our north, looking to destroy us, which is a very similar circumstance to what was going on in Isaiah's day. We can learn from reading Isaiah that HaShem will protect us and save all of those who trust in Him alone and do His will."

People who are so brainwashed with Jesus, that they can't even be open to the obvious meaning of a few verses in the Tanakh, which any normal person with a functioning brain would be able to clearly see. They always like to talk about Jews being 'blind to the truth', but as we see, we have the truth and see the truth. They, on the other hand, have 'spiritual blinders' over their eyes, as a result of their fatal dedication to their false messiah, man-god idol.


  1. This one is so obvious, unfortunately, Christians prefer to put their fingers in their ears than reading that bible verse in context! They usually scoff saying "What kind of sign is a woman giving birth to a child?" It's amazing, nobody went to check down there if Mary was really a virgin anyway! "I'll give you a sign Ahab! In 500 years a woman that is unrelated to you, who is a virgin, will have a son!" But again, they don't want to deny their messiah, this is pathetic! And christians often say they are confused... you just can't read your Bible like that and try to understand anything.

    1. Exactly, they can't even read their Bibles.

      Now, about what Mary really was, check out the next most recent post "Toldot Yeshu".