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Toldot Yeshu?

There is a very interesting book titled Toldot Yeshu which explains the life of Yeshu HaNotzri. It is based in part upon the account of one of the multiple 'Yeshu's mentioned in the Talmud. This specific Yeshu is the one that the self-conflicting 'gospels' draw from the most.

"Toldot Yeshu - The real history of Jesus of Nazareth" (In Spanish)

In the Talmud are mentioned multiple people entitled 'Yeshu', and they lived at different times. The one discussed in Toldot Yeshu was a student of Rabbi Yehoshua` Ben Perahya, who admonished him for paying too much attention to an innkeeper's wife. When Rabbi Yehoshua` was reciting the Shema`, Yeshu came to him to see if his teacher would accept or reject him. Rabbi Yehoshua motioned to Yeshu to wait. This may have been a mistake on Rabbi Yehoshua`'s part, since the halakha is that when you recite the Shema`, you shouldn't gesture with your eyes or hands so as not to make the recitation of the Shema` to seem mundane or random.

Yeshu misunderstood Rabbi Yehoshua's gesture. Instead of understanding it to mean "wait a minute, I'm reciting Shema`", he took it to mean "get out of here". Yeshu then put a stone to a tree, a Babylonian idolatrous custom, and bowed down to it.

Yeshu made a journey, then, to Egypt, which was a common place for Sages and Torah scholars to travel at times when the Romans would seek them for persecution. While he was there, he engaged in some Egyptian mysticism and magic, learning these things and incorporating them into the Torah mysticism he had learned from his teacher.

When he came back to Israel, he stole a Divine Name from the Temple. He used it, along with the Egyptian magic he had learned, to perform miracles. These miracles were able to have been performed, and were performed, by the Sages mentioned in the Talmud. In fact, to be mentioned in the Talmud, a Rabbi must have had the ability to raise the dead. However, anyone who knows anything about the Torah knows that magic is forbidden, and this includes using Divine Names of HaShem to perform miracles. The only exception is when there is an absolute necessary need to perform miracles. This is not often, and the average person could easily misuse these powers. Therefore, the secrets of these Divine Names and what we know today as practical Kabbalah were not taught to anyone. They were only entrusted to the wisest and most humble Sages who had fear of Heaven and would never misuse these Names and powers.

The story goes on, of this man nicknamed "Yeshu", an acronym for "Yimah Shemo Wa-zikhro" (Y-Sh-W/U, i.e. Yeshu), who had lived in the century before the classic Yeshu of Christianity is thought to have lived. I won't recount the rest of the story, since this isn't the focus of this post.

Toldot Yeshu is basically built around the details of this Yeshu from the Talmud. It includes more detail in the narrative than the Talmud offers.

It strongly appears that the Yeshu/Jesus of Christianity is built around multiple figures around that general time. Remember, as much as the gospels of the Christian Bible, which were canonized by blatant anti-Semites, conflict with one another, there were many other gospels that were rejected for canonization. They all include added, different, and conflicting information.

Why so many discrepancies? Because the accepted Yeshu of the Christian and 'Messianic' worlds never existed as they think. He is a persona invented based upon more than one historical person. They added some very clear standard paganism, like the virgin birth, a man-god, and thus we have the perfect blend of bits of Judaism and Torah mixed with outright paganism.

Even the Messianics cannot escape this, unless they abandon their new form of Christianity altogether, or found an even newer version based on partial rejection of key passages in the Christian Bible.

What the smart Messianic will do is continually recognize the Jewish aspects of Yeshu and the Christian Bible, and despite not rejecting them yet, let these bits of holiness into them, If they keep this up and keep seeking the Torah, they will eventually be led to the recognition of the fact that Yeshu definitely was not the Messiah, as is clear to those not in a brainwashed state of mind, and that the Christian Bible, AKA "the New Testament", is full of errors, inconsistencies, and is no place to find the truth.

I believe that the Messianic movement has been primarily a stepping stone for those who will make it out of the idolatry and lies altogether. It takes a lot to deprogram the mind into rejecting an idol and false messiah that you have been warned your entire life that if you reject him, you won't have eternal life. Christians and Messianics set this up as their very first rule, their number one priority, and their entire main focus. It is all about accepting Yeshu, and this is the main thing to them. To be able to reject that obvious flaw can take a lot for the normal person who has been subjected to such brainwashing by likely most or all of their friends and family for perhaps their while lives.

To help with this, it seems to me that HaShem has made many aware of the fallen sparks of Torah, purity, and holiness that have been suppressed and subdued under Christianity, and through them, one can find their way back home. It won't be easy, but if you, reader, are someone on the verge of making this decision: you absolutely must do it, and you will regret it in the end. At all.

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