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Rome's Jesus

Many Messianics Admit: Rome Invented Catholicism... But...

There are a large amount of Messianics, who after defection from the mostly Protestant churches, have researched the origins of the things they rejected from mainstream Christianity. Like Christmas, Easter, Sunday sabbath - things they could not find in the Bible. So when they figure out where these things came from, they realize that they were supposedly created during or around the time of Constantine, a Roman Emperor who further organized Christianity from its founding.

In other words, Constantine added certain pagan elements to Christian belief, contrary to what original Christians believed.

What they do not realize is that before Constantine, Christianity was founded by a Roman emperor, Titus, destroyer of the second Temple, and who suffered a horrible death as a result of his sins. According to the Talmud (Gittin 56b), a mosquito or insect flew in his nose and into his brain where it slowly ate away at it for seven years. When he died, his head was opened and the insect had grown to the size of a bird. He did not just get this for destroying the second Temple, but I believe also for the creation of the Jesus fable. You'll find out soon what I am talking about, if you don't already. This stuff gets really interesting...

Roman Catholicism Was Not Original Christianity?

A big claim by many Messianics is that Christianity was not originally the Roman Catholic brand that was put together by Constantine. I can prove that wrong, and I want to make this blog short and sweet, so I will.

Why Rome's Christianity Was First

Aside from Christmas, Easter, Sunday sabbath, etc, which Messianics are well to know isn't "in the Bible", there are other things done and believed throughout the whole Christian spectrum, Catholic, Protestant, and Messianic, which also clearly have nothing to do with a real Jewish messiah.

And these things were present at the very beginning of the Christian religion, along with Christmas and Easter which were already Roman holidays. Messianics say the "New Testament" is free of these things, and while there is no mention of Christmas, there is of a virgin birth and a multitude of other things you will see shorlty which parallel the life of Mithras, the Roman's sun god.

The Christian Bible's narrative of the Jesus story corresponds to several main life events of the pagan sun god of the collective pagan religion of the various ancient world powers, like Egypt, Babylon, Greece, and Rome.

The details are vivid and undeniable!

Is there anything else I can say? Throw in some Jewish concepts, names, a couple ideas, mix it with the sun god's life and story and - wallah! you've got Jesus!

But who put it together in the first place, since it already existed in Constantine's time?

Author of Christianity

The evil slime I mentioned above, Titus Flavius. In very, very short words, when Titus came to attack Israel, a Jewish scholar named Yosef, or Josephus in Latin, defected and endeared himself to the Roman general Titus. Josephus changed his name to Flavius Josephus in honor of his new master. As the Roman Empire deified their emperors to the status of gods (like the Pharaohs of Egypt), Titus, who had succeeded his dead father as emperor became the "son of god". With the help of Flavius Josephus and others to throw in some Jewish ideas and concepts, in order to put an end to the Jewish uprising against Rome that were fueled by their strong belief in a Davidic Messiah who would restore Israel to Jewish hands, the Jesus narrative was formed.

Titus did something extraordinary for evil by mixing himself (a Roman "god") and the Mithras sun god myth of Roman paganism with the concept of a Jewish Messiah, only changing the warrior Messiah concept, which had cost a lot of Roman soldiers their lives in a Jewish revolt shortly before Titus' destruction of the Temple, to a pacifistic man.

By doing this, he sought to end the idea of a Jewish warrior Messiah like David, so the Jewish people would be docile and accepting of Roman rule in the future. He fused the Roman religion with some Jewish concepts, and created a monster that is one of the biggest religions today, and has been for the past near two thousand years.

For this summary in its full detail, watch this very interesting documentary:

What Titus Didn't Expect

Is that, after 2,000 years of exile, the Jewish people have survived anything and everything that Rome's successor, Christian Europe, could throw at them. It was a low time, a down point, a real dark age. But now, Jews have not only survived, but we are now in our land and the redemption of everything is about to happen.

Christian Europe is dying, being raped by Islam. Christianity is dying altogether in Europe, only maintaining to exist strong in America. The whole world's societies are experiencing religious decline as secularism and religious-in-name-only reign supreme. The Jewish people are still waiting for a warrior Messiah who will shake off all foreign rule, and that is what we are going to get - someone completely different than Jesus. Someone who will rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem, return the exiles of Israel, and lead Israel back to a Kingdom, the Kingdom of HaShem on this earth; something Jesus never did and never did anything remotely alike. In the end, there will be only one truth and all will admit the truth of Torah and King David's throne will rule once again.

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