Thursday, August 16, 2012

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I was raised in a "Messianic" family in America, until becoming an Orthodox Jew after denouncing what I found out to be totally contrary to HaShem's Torah.

I have a brother who has a well known Messianic blog called Kineti LeTziyon. My parents, brothers, and sister still consider themselves Messianic of some kind. But hopefully that will all be changing!

Having spent years in this world of Messianism, I know all about many different kinds of Messianics, and all sorts of ideas that exist in their world. I am able to combat everything using the Tanakh. In fact, it is quite simple and all it requires is actually taking the Tanakh completely seriously.

For the minority of Messianics who believe in the idea of the Oral Torah, it is even easier to refute their false beliefs. However, the majority of people who call themselves "Messianic" ("Messianic Israelites", "Nazarene Israelites", "Ephraimites", etc as well as some who classify themselves as "Messianic Jewish") are people of a Protestant Christian background, and have a anti-traditional, Karaite view of Torah, which rejects the belief in the Oral Torah (silly, I know...).

So throughout this blog, I'm going to "combating" all sorts of Messianics beliefs, held by any and all Messianic group, outlook, or mindset. It shall be fun, and I hope that there will be many Jews involved in combating assimilation and Christian/Messianic missionizing who can benefit from the in-depth knowledge I have about the issue.

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